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Our publishing journey

As a small independent publisher we have been to publishing and writer events, read lots of books, blogs and tweets, and joined some helpful societies in order to make sure we get the best product and do the best job we can, learning from others and making as few mistakes as possible.

The blog postings here are the story of our journey so far. Many postings will be an aide-memoire for us on the processes we do, as we do them, so we know what to do the next time. We hope these will also be of interest to other new small publishers and also help self-publishers. It isn’t meant as a comprehensive publishing guide, it is a reflection of what we do – we don’t suggest these are the best or the only ways to do things.

Audiobook Listener Awards 2018

We’re delighted that the first book in Wilkie Martin’s unhuman series – Inspector Hobbes and the Blood narrated by Tim Campbell is a finalist in the Audiobook Reviewer Audiobook Listener Awards 2018 in 3 categories: Mystery, Fantasy and Humor.


Listen to sample

And read the Audiobook Reviewer’s review of the book


Then vote for Inspector Hobbes and the Blood (you can vote every day until 31 May 2018)