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Winner Independent Audiobook Awards Fantasy #loveaudio

Party-Planner-1200x1200-layout1973-1efn63bCongratulations to Tim Campbell for winning the Independent Audiobook Awards (IAA) Fantasy for his fantastic narration of #fantasy #cozymystery Inspector Hobbes and the Bones by Wilkie Martin. We are absolutely thrilled he has won – we knew he was awesome.

The Independent Audiobook Awards, the #IAA2019, are awarded at the HearNow Festival in Kansas, USA (, a three day event celebrating all things audio.

Listen to a sample of Tim reading from the winning entry

For a recording of the awards ceremony hosted by Jeff Strand see

The next HearNow Festival is 11-14 June 2020.

Inspector Hobbes and the Bones is the 4th book in the Unhuman series by Wilkie Martin. The audiobook is available from all major audiobook retailers, from many streaming and subscription sites and from libraries, and also available in ebook, paperback and hardback.


Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers by Wilkie Martin cover

Review: Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers

Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers.

“Hobbes and Andy follow the Hobbes-Watson dynamic, with Inspector Hobbes is similar to his namesake; clever, observant and multi-talented, although with a penchant for cracking marrow bones over taking cocaine. Like Watson, Andy is usually two steps behind, frequently distracted by good food and a pretty face” Carol Siewert – Book reviews forevermore

Review: Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers by Wilkie Martin

Another great review from Koeur’s Book Reviews for Wilkie’ Martin’s unhuman series. This is for Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers which is published tomorrow. Thank you Anders.

Koeur's Book Reviews


Publisher: The Witcherley Book Company
Publishing Date: September 2014
ISBN: 9780957635180
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 4.5

Publisher Description: Receiving unwanted attention after foiling an armed robbery, the unhuman Inspector Hobbes takes a long-overdue camping holiday, with Andy, his accident-prone friend, and Dregs, the delinquent dog. In the bleak and dangerous Blacker Mountains, Andy stumbles across something shocking, before falling for an attractive widow, while Hobbes wonders why an old gold mine has reopened.

Review: Pretty lame cover art.

Once again I was transported into another world where the characters are interesting and build in tandem with the story line. This author has become one of my favorites as he uses his characters to showcase a dry wit in tense situations. No one character leaves the story unscathed by this rapier like wit.

We finally get an idea as to what Inspector Hobbes truly is while riding along in search of stolen…

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