Wilkie Martin

wilkie martin author pictureWilkie Martin is a #1 bestselling comedy, cozy mystery and contemporary fantasy writer. He lives in the Cotswolds, UK with his partner Julia in a town remarkably similar to the fictional Sorenchester of his unhuman series, although he has never come across a policeman there like Inspector Hobbes.

He loves cooking, especially curries which is why his characters tend to like things spicy and despite living as far away from the coast as is possible in the UK, he is a qualified scuba diving instructor.

There are currently 4 books in his unhuman series of comedy cozy mystery fantasy novels, described by Cotswold Life magazine as ‘odd, inventive and genuinely very funny indeed’:

unhuman I – Inspector Hobbes and the Blood
unhuman II – Inspector Hobbes and the Curse
unhuman III – Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers
unhuman IV – Inspector Hobbes and the Bones
First Ever Unhuman Bundle
Hobbes – Unhuman Collection
Relative Disasters – A Little Book of Silly Verse

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Rex Witcherley


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Rex Witcherley, is a pseudonym for our puzzle creators. The name comes from a character in the first book published by The Witcherley Book Company (Inspector Hobbes and the Blood by Wilkie Martin, book 1 of the best-selling unhuman series) in which Rex is the dreaded ‘editorsaurus’ and publishes the fictional paper Sorenchester and District Life (affectionately known as The Sad B) and the fictional magazine Sorenchester Life.

Rex Witcherley Author Page

12 January 2018

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