Combined picture of book covers representing The WItcherley Book Company Puzzler

Puzzle Books

Available as Paperback only. Amazon exclusive editions. Books are in 3 paperback sizes

  1. Link to Extra Large Print Editions
    Extra large print edition in 36 point font.
    Book size:  8.5×11 inches or 21.59×27.94 cm
  2. Link to Large Print Puzzle Books
    Large print edition in 16 point font.
    Book size: 6×9 inches or 15.24×22.86 cm
  3. Link to Pocket/Travel Edition Puzzles
    Standard / travel or pocket editions in 10 point font.
    Book size: 5×8 inches or 12.7×20.32 cm

Our puzzle series are:

  • Classic Novel Word Search
  • Classic Book Word Search
  • Classic Document Word Search
  • Classic Poem Word Search
  • Random Word Search
  • Random Number Search
  • Classic Sudoku

All puzzles books are created by Rex Witcherley.

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