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The Witcherley Book Company runs the websites for The Witcherley Book Company, the Unhuman Design Website on (and – now inactive), and shops on and

We will never sell your information.

We run email newsletters for Wilkie Martin, Wilkie J. Martin and A.C. Caplet. The newsletter email list is not sold or shared. Each newsletter’s email list is only used for newsletters by, or related to, Wilkie Martin or his books, to Wilkie J. Martin or his books or to to A.C. Caplet or his books.
Newsletters are sent through The Witcherley Book Company account. Newsletter emails are tracked for open rates, link clicks and shares. Data collected is held in SendFox or MailChimp and is used to help improve the newsletter content and targeting. Unsubscribe links are provided in every newsletter and are processed automatically through SendFox or MailChimp. No personal details and email lists are sold to third parties. No spam will be sent. The mailing list may be moved to a different provider though the same conditions will apply and the list will continue to be used only for Wilkie Martin/Wilkie J. Martin/A.C. Caplet.

The free downloads available on signup to the Wilkie Martin’s and WIlkie J. Martin’s newsletter is delivered through Bookfunnel. Bookfunnel records a combined number of downloads per month.

Use of the contact form requires a name and email details to be entered. Details will only be kept while a conversation is ongoing. Emails and names will not be added to any email lists or details shared or sold.

This website tracks information in relation to pages viewed or audio played/downloaded, entry page, where entered from and search terms used, IP address of host, country, browser used, operating system used, date/time and length of visits and any system errors. This information gives a combined view and is used when evaluating website usage and helps inform possible website improvements.

The blog tracks combined information in relation to viewed posts, first post viewed, country, referring site and search terms and date of visit.

This website uses cookies for the blog, YouTube videos, the sharethis options to share this page, for connecting on facebook/twitter/YouTube, when loading or using the widgets to view the book2look book samples, for any Gleam giveaway widgets, and to control the popup message about cookies. Cookies generated from this website will expire after one week. Browser options can be used to stop cookies being saved. These widgets record general usage information.

The Nielsen book2look widget will record a general counter of the times used, the widget type and link opened, the country, where embedded, menu items used, social links clicked, shop links clicked and time spent in widget.

The YouTube and soundcloud and mixcloud widgets will increase the general counters of times played.

Shop links use redirect you to your local Amazon and other stores, these record generalized click totals. The redirectors used are: booklinker,, books2read and joturl. The book2look widget uses Books2read to direct you to a selection of retailers, or if you have a pre-set preference will redirect you to your preferred retailer. Both will record generalized click rates.

The Gleam giveaways will record entries made and email addresses supplied. Entrants are not added to any email lists, or details sold or shared. Where additional delivery information is obtained through email for winning entries this information is used only for the delivery of prizes.

When giveaways are run entrant details including delivery information will be captured either on SurveyGizmo or Gleam (or a similar Survey app/giveaway website) for our own competitions, or through a giveaway host (like Goodreads or Amazon or AudiobookReviewer). Delivery information may be provided to our drop ship (delivery) companies (Amazon, LightningSource, IngramSpark, Threadless, Zazzle, cdbaby, discmaker, authors-direct) in order to deliver the prizes. Copies of orders will be held in The Witcherley Book Company’s financial records for the required period for financial records in the UK. A record of these orders will also be held on the order processing accounts used on Amazon, LightningSource, IngramSpark, Threadless, Zazzle, cdbaby, discmaker, authors-direct when they are used to send the prize. Where a survey is used for gathering entries it will be deleted when winners receive their prizes. No entrants to any competition will be added to our mailing list or their details sold. Details will not be shared except within our own accounts where required to process the delivery.

Details of any purchase or purchaser on the Unhuman Design shops on or (.com etc) are controlled by and Details are not added to our mailing list and we do not sell or share this information.

Details of any purchase or purchaser on our shop for authors-direct (powered by Findaway) are controlled by Details are not added to our mailing list and we do not sell or share this information.