The Lazy Rabbit

by Wilkie J. Martin

illustrated by Tanja Russita


An illustrated tale in which lazy Rabbit and sensible Vole join up  to travel through a barren land where foxy bandits lurk.

Follow their journey to find out the grim consequences of laziness and who survives.

If you like the original tales of the Brothers Grimm and Aesop, you’ll enjoy this dyslexia friendly edition.

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”What a good children’s book.’
Netgalley Review

‘Such a lovely read with a wonderfully unique storyline.’
Netgalley Review

‘The book is written as a fable with a clear lesson at the end.’
Netgalley Review

‘Whew! Another shockingly amusing story from Wilkie Martin. Really hard lesson to be learned in his stories.’
Netgalley Review

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